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Probability of rain?

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1 Probability of rain? on Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:02 pm


I was reading a book about innumeracy and one of the chapters was on probability. This weather woman said 'there is a 50% chance of rain on Saturday, and a 50% chance of rain on Sunday, so the chance of rain this weekend is 100%'

Obviously she was wrong, but it got me thinking how would one calculate the probability of rain that weekend?

I decided to make it simpler by saying P(rain on Saturday) = 0.5 and P(rain on Sunday) = 1.0

This obviously means that P(rain this weekend) = 1.0

I then used trial and error to calculate the chance of rain that weekend

I started with P(rain on Saturday) x P(rain on Sunday) but that gives 0.5

Then I tried P(no rain this weekend) = P(no rain on Saturday) x P(no rain on Sunday) and this gives 0.0

Therefore P(rain this weekend) = 1 - P(no rain this weekend) = 1.0

Using this method, P(rain this weekend) = 0.75 or 75% for the original statement.

Is this the best way to calculate the chance of rain?

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